Brian's Golden Rules

1) Do the right thing every day. Treat customers, vendors, and coworkers how you want to be treated. That file on your desk is not a unit or another house/borrower; it's a home for a mother, son or neighbor. All questions can be answered by asking the question "Is this the right thing to do?"

2) Be honest with yourself. You cannot be honest with your customers or coworkers until you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths and overcompensate for your weaknesses. Ask for assistance from management and coworkers to help overcome your weaknesses. Better yourself by researching products/procedures on line, reading real estate/finance related articles. Become the expert in your world. Know your competition.

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Brian Koss


A Sherpa is a term for the Nepalese guides who accompany mountaineers on their Himalayan expeditions. They are highly respected for their local climbing expertise and also for their endurance under extreme altitude and weather conditions. I aim to be a Sherpa in the area of mortgage banking, helping others ascend to the summits they hope to conquer. My goal is to share with you my insight gained from being a producer/manager/leader with 30 years of experience in all sizes of mortgage firms. Please contact me to investigate how we can work together. Thank you for your attention.

News and Resources

February 25th, 2018

Groundhog Day - Short Term vs. Long Term

Our industry is back at it again; the piranha tank we call mortgage banking just loss half the water and half the bait. There are less independents to buy and most big banks still have distaste for mortgages keeping them... Read More...

Mo Steak and less Sizzle, Please!

There are not many days over the last years that we have seen potential borrowers get turned down because we thought they were being underserved by all the product options available today. Sure there are a lot less options then... Read More...

Orange is the new Green-Pas Deux

As we get from rhetoric to real numbers, some bigger questions begin to be raised. Similar to eliminating Obamacare without a fully vetted plan in place or at least comprehending who will be left out in the cold, the elimination... Read More...

A Fundamental C-Suite Shift

A fundamental sea change/shift in our world has occurred –not just personally and as a US citizen, but clearly as a mortgage banker. Many people have been rocked one way or the other by our recent election. But given how... Read More...

Timely Tip

Anniversary Dates: Its great to note birthdays of your clients, but anniversary dates are more powerful. First, they are the only thing that truly relates to you both. It reminds you to do an annual checkup and lets you know you are thinking about their financial business so they don't have to. It is also for the family unit. The birthday many times is just for the primary wage earner and if not, the card is to a spouse you really don't know, and it can be disingenuous. You can be personal and professional all in one.